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Hispanic Heritage Month

Hispanic Heritage Month

In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, we caught up with four of our colleagues to learn a little more about their jobs and how their heritage has affected their lives and their career.

Damaris Acevedo, Health Coach, Memorial Primary Care. Health coach Damaris Acevedo helps patients establish a medical home in Memorial Primary Care, where they can access continuous preventive care and manage their chronic conditions. She talks about her job and how her Puerto Rican heritage has influenced her ability to serve patients and families.

Rafael Cambero, Electrician, Facilities Management, Memorial Hospital Miramar. Rafael Cambero is ready for anything the day throws at him, because patients, families and his co-workers all rely on him to help keep Memorial Hospital Miramar in working order. He reflects on the importance of his job and how his Dominican heritage influences him.

Carolina Grindstaff, Patient Access Assistant, Pediatric Pulmonology. Carolina Grindstaff is Memorial Physician Group practices supervisor. Prior to that appointment, she served as patient access assistant at Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital Medical Office. She shares her thoughts on how her Colombian heritage has informed her life and career.

Jorge Sotelo, MD, Chief, Inpatient Psychiatry Program and Program Director, Psychiatry Residency Program. At first, Dr. Jorge Sotelo did not consider a career in psychiatry, but he got interested in it as a third-year medical student. He talks about his career and experiences of coming to the US as a child from Peru.

What brought you to Memorial for your career?

“I’d been in another job for about 11 years until my boss retired, and after maternity leave I wanted to go back to work. I saw a Memorial ad for what we used to call a wellness coach and thought it sounded interesting. I really hoped I’d get the job, because I know Memorial has high standards when it comes to hiring people. I’d always heard great things about the organization.” – Damaris

“I was part of the team that helped build Memorial Hospital Miramar 17 years ago. I started working on the Medical Office Building first, and then moved on to the hospital. Then I worked at Miami International Airport for a while, but the Lord opened this door at Memorial for me. I’ve been here for 11-1/2 years now.” – Rafael

“Ten years ago, my father was a cancer patient at another hospital, where his experience was really bad. So we packed up his medical records and came to Dr. Daren Grossman at Memorial Hospital West. My dad became the second patient to receive a bone marrow transplant at Memorial. We were treated like family. It inspired me to create the same kind of positive impact for our patients.” – Carolina

What’s one of the best parts of your job?

“I like the education part of being a health coach. I partner with an RN, and we contact patients who have been treated at our ERs and follow up with them about their health and what they may need. We help them understand that they don’t have to go to an emergency room for their healthcare – they have preventive options like primary care, and other options like urgent care and our mobile vans, and we can help them with referrals and other needs.” – Damaris

“I like many things, but I like the fact that Memorial helps you advance in your career. You can get the support you need to grow. If you want to go back to school, Memorial’s Education Assistance program can help you. I’m so grateful for that, because I had a journeyman electrician’s license in Miami. When I came to Memorial, I was offered the opportunity to get my master electrician’s license. Memorial gave me the support to do that. There are so many companies out there that don’t do what Memorial does for its employees.” – Rafael

“The fact that we can get patients to a place from which they can manage their conditions, so that those conditions have less of an impact on their lives. Also, Memorial Regional Hospital has a psychiatric ER staffed with psychiatrists seven days a week, so we don’t have to rely on psychiatrists who need to come in from the community to evaluate patients in the ER. And with Memorial’s Graduate Medical Education program, we now have residents working in the ER most of the year as well. Our residency program has made great strides, and with our ideal location, diverse patient population, breadth of clinical services and our camaraderie, Memorial is a great place for our residents to train.” – Dr. Sotelo

What kind of impact has your family’s heritage had on your ability to do your job?

“When I was growing up, we spoke purely Spanish in our household. My brother and I didn’t know English until we started school, so now we’re both bilingual. You can pick up a second language more easily when you’re young like we were. In my job at Memorial, I communicate with most patients in Spanish, but it makes a difference when you’re able to talk to people in either language. And they’re so receptive. They often don’t expect the follow-up call, so a lot of them say, ‘Oh my gosh, thank you for checking up on me.’” – Damaris

“My family is from the Dominican Republic. I was born in New York City, but I was with my parents in the DR until I was about 21, when I thought, I want to go back to where I was born. There are more opportunities there.

My parents taught me how important it is to be responsible. It’s one of the key things about work – you have to treat your job like you’re taking care of what is yours. I was raised to take ownership: If you see something that’s wrong, even if it’s not your responsibility, fix it or put it right, because our patients need us to do that. I told my boss, the Lord is watching me at all times. If I work for him and am honest with him, I won’t have a problem.” – Rafael

“My dad had been a mechanical engineer in Colombia. When he came to the US, he had to look for new ways to support our family. My aunt, who was already here, was a bridge for him – she helped open doors. My family’s sense of unity, and its dedication to caring for and encouraging one another, gave me a passion for collaboration and teamwork. I try to be a good influence, and assist my co-workers and those we serve in any way I can. It’s very fulfilling – if I can help others, I’ll be okay, too.” – Carolina

“I was living in Lima, Peru, and when I was nine, my parents separated. My mother, younger brother, and I moved to the US when I was 11 years old. It was exciting for me, even though it was kind of a culture shock. I spoke no English whatsoever, so all of my classes in the seventh grade were taught as English-as-a-second-language courses.

I think that my family’s work ethic had a significant impact on me. My parents taught me that there’s nothing you can’t do if you put your mind to it. So I felt I had to be competitive in school. I was often the only Hispanic student in Honors and Advanced Placement classes in high school, so I had to prove to my classmates that, hey, even a brown kid from Peru can compete with you guys! The bottom line in my family was always that you have no limitations if you work hard, that hard work is always rewarded in one way or another. You can accomplish a lot.” – Dr. Sotelo

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RN Fellowship Blog

New RN Fellowship Track – Clinical Nurse Educators! 

Is Nursing Professional Development and Education your passion and career goal? Have you always wanted to be a Nurse Educator? We are launching our latest RN Fellowship Track – Clinical Nurse Educator for our Fall, 2022 Cohort! We are expanding the number of Clinical Nurse Educators to meet the need of educating our nurses in an increasingly complex clinical environment and to provide additional support for our newest nurses in our Nurse Residency Program.

Clinical Nurse Educators play such an important role in the Memorial Healthcare System. They are responsible for the orientation and onboarding of our Nurse Residents, RN Fellows, experienced RN hires, and assigned unit ancillary staff. It is truly rewarding to nurture and support our nurses as they progress from novice to expert practice in their clinical environments. They are also responsible for competency management, ongoing education and practice updates; professional role development; interdisciplinary education collaboration; and participation in research/evidence-based practice/quality improvement. During the pandemic our Clinical Nurse Educators were true Heroes – working together to cross-train staff to meet patient care needs and create virtual and alternative teaching programs to continuously orient and train our nurses and other staff when live sessions were not possible; in addition to taking patient care assignments during the pandemic surges.

What are the program qualifications? You must have a BSN, BLS, and at least two years of clinical nursing experience. You must be willing to sign a 2-year commitment contract and be willing to pursue a Master’s Degree in Nursing Education. Our Directors of Education have designed a unique Clinical Nurse Educator orientation for you that will consist of education and training with our experienced Clinical Nurse Educators including:

  • Nursing professional development roles and responsibilities
  • Preceptor management and development
  • Simulation education
  • Curriculum design
  • Competency development/validation
  • Making professional presentations
  • Personal leadership development
  • American Heart Association Instructor role

What are the benefits of the Clinical Nurse Educator RN Fellowship?

  • Complimentary pathway to ANPD certification – free certification review course upon graduation
  • Pathway to MSN Nursing Education via relationships with our academic partners (scholarships and tuition reimbursement)
  • Completion bonus

This is an exciting opportunity to pursue your dream job and make a difference in Nursing Education and Professional Development.  Applications will open June 27th for the Clinical Nurse Educator cohort! For further information, please contact Valarie Grumme, PhD, RN, CCRN-K, Director – RN Fellowship Program at RNFellowship@mhs.net and register for our monthly RN Fellowship blogs at http://careers.mhs.net

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It’s an exciting time at Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital.

It’s an exciting time at Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital.

Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital is one of the nation’s leading pediatric hospitals and an integral member of the Memorial Healthcare System family. Now, we’re growing our facility, our reach, and our services.

Our hospital building is adding four more stories to ensure that Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital remains uniquely qualified to treat pediatric conditions for South Florida kids and families. This means that our already comprehensive pediatric care and programs will expand even more, with additional specialized services and patient areas.

The hospital will add 72 new private patient rooms, a Pediatric Heart Institute, Children’s Cancer Center, hybrid operating rooms and surgical suites, an ICU and CVICU unit, and a Rehab unit with a gym. But that’s only part of the story.

Our building plans also highlight our commitment to the “Power of Play” as a healing mechanism. That’s why we’re including play zones, a teen room, a family lounge and fitness center – all in a caring, compassionate setting designed for the special needs of our young patients.

Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital’s reach will continue to extend into the surrounding communities to make it easier for families to access excellent pediatric care. But for all of our efforts to be truly successful, we need highly qualified healthcare professionals like you.

Please take a look at our open jobs and plan to attend our upcoming in-person Job Fair on Tuesday, April 19. Keep reading for more details.

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Join Us in Building the Future

Attend our in-person Job Fair for on-the-spot offers.

Love, play and healing are the building blocks of the four-story expansion at Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital.

We are inspired by our love of community and the patients we serve. We are passionate about pediatrics. We put children and families first, and believe in the healing Power of Play. And we want to meet other pediatric caregivers who feel the same way.

Our in-person Job Fair will be held on Tuesday, April 19, from 9 am to 2 pm, in Daniella’s Atrium on the fourth floor of Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital. The hospital is located at 1005 Joe DiMaggio Drive in Hollywood, Florida, 33021.

We are recruiting for Pediatric RNs, Patient Care Associates, Registered Respiratory Therapists, Surgical Techs, Imaging Techs, Athletic Trainers, and other key roles.

Sign-on bonuses are available for certain positions. Everyone who is hired by July 1, 2022, is eligible for a one-time retention bonus. You can also expect competitive pay, bigger merit increases, and generous family-friendly benefits.    

Be sure to bring your resume – you’ll have the opportunity to meet with hiring managers, learn more about these opportunities, and possibly receive an on-the-spot offer.

If you are unable to join us on April 19, please search open jobs and apply online.

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Award-Winning Pediatric Care

Choose your specialty from dozens of children’s health services.

Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital is a full-service hospital and Level I Trauma Center nationally recognized by U.S News and World Report, Planetree, Leapfrog and others. We treat minor illnesses, health emergencies and some of the most complex pediatric medical conditions.

The hospital is staffed by world-class pediatricians, pediatric specialists, specialty trained clinicians, and a highly skilled ancillary support staff. More than 650 physicians are on the medical staff, working across more than 50 technologically advanced specialties in which you can also contribute your experience and knowledge.

Each day, we work with families in the effort to best meet the needs of the child. We average over 360,000 pediatric encounters each year including emergency visits, admissions, surgeries and comprehensive follow-up care.

In addition to our freestanding hospital in Hollywood, Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital has specialty centers and pediatric service locations in Boca Raton, Coral Springs, Miramar, Pembroke Pines, Wellington, and Weston. There is no shortage of opportunity for people who can embrace our patient- and family-centered approach to care in a child-friendly atmosphere.

Browse our pediatric services and search our open jobs. We’d also love to see you at our upcoming in-person Job Fair on Tuesday, April 19.

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A Labor of Love for More than 40 Years

A Labor of Love for More than 40 Years

Memorial Healthcare System’s national reputation as a healthcare employer of choice means that a lot of our employees stay with us for years – even decades.

We recently caught up with a few team members who have been calling Memorial home for more than 40 years. They’re a select group of dedicated caregivers who shared with us what makes Memorial special. Here’s what they had to say:

“I remember walking into Memorial Regional Hospital for the first time like it was yesterday. Everyone always treated me like family. It’s the good people who bring out the best in you. My workplace has always been full of good people.”
Susan, RN Speciality – II

“I really believe I have Memorial in my DNA. If you performed a 23andMe ancestry test on me, I’m certain I have 99% the blue Memorial logo in my genetic framework. I was born at Memorial. At the age of five, I was running around the hospital because my grandfather and my mother worked here. I started working here at the age of 16, and never went anywhere else. So I truly feel Memorial is in my veins, I probably can also bleed Memorial blue.”
Julie, Manager – Nursing

“Memorial is my family, and I am very proud to work for such a great organization. I love everything and everyone here! There are boundless opportunities and growth potential. And at the end of the day, no matter the difficulties, we stick together, supporting each other and our patients and families. That’s what families do!”
Barbara, Executive Assistant to the President and CEO

“I enjoy the people I work with. I’ve made lifelong friends, and always felt Memorial to be my second family.”
Beth, Specialist – Clinical Effectiveness

“I am so privileged to work with the most amazing staff, patients, and families. I always tell people to remember their ‘WOW’ moments. I experience ‘WOW’ moments every day! So many people have inspired me for the last 40 years. One of our beloved physicians told me a long time ago that to work here, you must have the 5 Cs: Caring, compassion, commitment, communication, and courage. I see hear and feel the 5 Cs every day working here for the last 40 years. I am blessed to work, play, laugh, and – sometimes – cry with the best of the best! Thank you for the best 40 years of my life.”
Lotsy, Therapist – Clown

“I started my career at Memorial Regional Hospital more than 40 years ago and have continued working for this organization in many specialties. Memorial has afforded me the opportunity for career growth as well as allowing me to follow my dreams in this field.  During my tenure, I have always felt supported and respected as a professional nurse.”
Margie, Quality Management Specialist

“I never imagined I’d work at Memorial Healthcare System for 40+ years. I’ve been graced with several positions during these years and I am grateful for the opportunity.”
Phyllis, Administrative Assistant

“ I have enjoyed my 45 years of service and have always been proud to be part of the Memorial family.”
Phyllis, Technologist – Histology

“Our Newborn ICU provides evidence-based excellent care for the tiniest and most fragile of patients and I am proud to be a part of that care.”
Wendi, RN – Specialty II

“Memorial is simply a wonderful place to work and they take care of you. I was fortunate to have great bosses and co-workers and everyone I dealt with in the System all became my family.”
Janie, Marketing Coordinator

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Women’s History Month

Women’s History Month

A Conversation with a Top Memorial Trail Blazer: Leah Carpenter

For 20 years, Leah Carpenter has been a leader at Memorial Healthcare System – most recently, as Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer. Appointed to her current position in 2021 after serving as CEO at three of our hospitals, she took a few moments to reflect on her years at Memorial, and what has inspired and helped her along the way.

What made you want to go into healthcare to begin with?

I went into nursing because I wanted to connect with patients and be invested in who they were as people. I loved being at the bedside, taking care of patients. But destiny had a different plan for me, and I moved my way through the ranks in leadership.

How did you end up in leadership?

Three things influenced: first, my mother’s influence in my upbringing. She taught us that we had to be engaged – we could not complain about things without taking the responsibility to come up with solutions. Second, when I first entered healthcare 36 years ago, leaders were disconnected from the people on the front lines and what they were doing. They had no idea of what was really happening at the bedside. So I wanted to be part of changing that. I wanted to be a different kind of leader, one who was responsible for making the changes I wanted to see in the world.

Finally, I was always taught that “to those who much is given, much is expected.” I’ve been blessed beyond imagination, and I’m able to give those blessings back through leading.

What, if any, obstacles did you experience?

Well, I’m deaf in my right ear. It’s something that developed over time, so I came to a fork in the road because you need all five of your senses to take care of patients. I’ve also had mentors who taught me how it should be done and some from whom I’ve learned what not to do. The best of my mentors showed me how we could change the environment for our front-line workers. I wanted to be part of positive change, to make sure that our staff had what they needed to provide the care they were trained to do.

Tell us something about your mentors.

My mother was a single mom. She is of European descent, and a Holocaust survivor. My dad was African-American, descended from enslaved people. I grew up in a primarily Black community in 1970s Newark. We were very poor but the expectation and understanding were that education was the only way out.

I had a dear friend who was one of the guardian angels who made sure my sister and I were safe and on the right path. My father’s sister, and several teachers from grammar, middle and high school, all identified my gifts and pushed me to develop them. The survival skills I developed in the inner city were not unlike the survival skills you need in corporate America. My mentors helped guide me in a world and a profession at a time when women were struggling to break through. Women and especially women of color are still in that struggle.

You came to South Florida in 2000, and joined Memorial in 2002. How did that come about?

I was CNO at North Shore Medical Center for two years. I loved that hospital and its environment, and had some amazing mentors there. But I recognized that for-profit healthcare was not in line with the kind of work I wanted to do – provide phenomenal care for people, regardless of their ability to pay. So Memorial was a whole new world. It was what healthcare is supposed to look like, the way it’s supposed to be provided. I’m surrounded by people who have the same ethics, moral compass and commitment to patients, family and our communities that I do.

What’s your advice for women who are building careers in healthcare, or in any field, for that matter?

The most basic and important asset that you possess is your integrity. Don’t let anyone compromise it. If you give it away, you’ll never get it back.

You also must find an organization that reflects your values. Find people who are not necessarily in your image, but who have similar ideals, and who are not fearful of doing a lot of hard work. A mentor once said to me, “You’ll know you’re succeeding when people think that it’s easy by watching you.” Make it so that people don’t see the struggle, the blood, sweat, and tears, and the injustices that women – and, in particular, women of color – face.

Then, do the work, Focus on the goal, and keep your eyes on the prize. If you’re passionate about something, believe in it, and know it’s something you need to get done, get it done. Don’t let anything stop you. Fight for things that are right and just. Fight for people who can’t fight for themselves. And most importantly, always do the right things for the right reasons.

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Health, Wealth and Happiness

More Benefits

Memorial Healthcare System is proud to offer a generous plan to support all aspects of your life and work. We continually add benefits to make your career with us that much better. Our newest offerings include reproductive medicine coverage and extended parental leave.

You can depend on ample health benefits at Memorial, including critical illness insurance, hospital indemnity insurance and accident insurance. We also offer short-term disability benefits that pay up to $5,000 during your time away.

We have a 403(b) plan to help you save for the future. We will match a percentage anywhere from 30% to 55% of the first 5% of your contributions, based on years of service. The longer you work here, the greater the match. We have 457(b) and 401(a) plans available as well.

Other programs include adoption assistance, legal services, identity theft protection, and access to the same community support services Memorial provides to local families. Additionally, we have enhanced our coverage for reproductive medicine and parental leave. We offer help with education, family planning, affordable childcare, financial assistance, behavioral health and more.

We want you to thrive at work too, with unlimited career growth opportunities. Our online Aspire system promotes professional growth and fulfillment through self-paced learning. In addition, we partner with local colleges and universities to offer degree programs and will pay up to $5,000 per year in educational assistance. Scholarships are also available for you and your children.

More reasons than ever to love what Memorial has to offer. Search jobs and apply now to work with an employer that will take good care of you.

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Sharing our Success

Higher Wages

Loving where you work is invaluable. But job satisfaction alone won’t pay the bills. That’s why we’ve increased wages for many of our roles.

The new “Memorial Minimum” pays $15 per hour across the board. That means everyone who works with us has the opportunity to earn a fair wage. We believe in doing the right thing and this is just another example.

All Memorial RNs and RRTs received across the board rate increases this year, as did many of our Allied Health employees. This includes Surgical Services Support team members, Medical Technologists, Pharmacy Technicians, Paramedics, GI Assistants, and Rehab professionals.

Of course, we’re also offering additional compensation in the form of sign-on bonuses of up to $20,000 for select clinical positions. Search jobs and apply now to see what rewards are waiting for you!

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Echocardiography Professionals: At the heart of our Cardiac program

Dr. Omosalewa Adewale, Medical Director of Adult Cardiac Imaging, describes the TotalHEART Care program at Memorial Healthcare System as “a one-stop-shop for the health of the heart.”

“We are concerned with how the heart pumps, its rhythm and arterial flow. Echocardiography is at the heart of all cardiac care,” she states. “Echo is essential for diagnosis, treatment planning and prognostication. Working with us will keep you at the cutting-edge of this field.”

“For one, Memorial has one of the busiest ECMO program in all of South Florida. We have also just added the Heartmate III left ventricle assist device, and are expanding our multi-organ transplant program. If someone needs a heart transplant and another solid organ, like a kidney, we can do that here. Our percutaneous valve therapies program is also growing.”

“If you are interested in a career – not just a job – at a place where we are constantly doing new things, and where you’ll have the opportunity to advance your skills in order to gain ACS certification or other credentials, that place is Memorial. You will always be growing, as we develop new programs and Centers of Excellence. Equally important, you will be a valued contributor within a dynamic team setting, where your input will be heard,” Dr. Adewale adds.

The echocardiography program at Memorial currently has opportunities for dedicated, well-trained, hard-working, and passionate professionals for these key positions: Adult Echocardiography Technical Director, Adult Cardiac Sonographers/Echocardiography Technologists, Manager of Pediatric Echocardiography, and Pediatric Cardiac Sonographers/Echocardiography Technologists.

Learn more about our Echo careers now.