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Memorial Healthcare System is proud to offer new pay rates, retirement plans, and a GED course

Be where you are valued
I am excited to announce that we are improving more of the benefits we offer to our employees. In addition to medical, dental, and vision insurance, paid time off, education benefits, employee discounts, and more, we also offer a variety of retirement contribution plans to help our teammates plan for the future.

Our teammates have created a welcoming, caring, and supportive culture that sets us apart. Our new Employer Brand highlights how MHS enhances and elevates our healthcare system every day through preparing our caregivers for the future by providing:

  • A 403(b) Plan which currently allows you to save towards your retirement on a pre-tax basis as well as a Roth basis starting in January 2024. MHS will match employee contributions up to the first 5% based off years of service.
  • MHS provides a 401(a) plan, which is a fully funded MHS contribution that will increase in the 2024 Plan year from 2.5% to 3% of base compensation.
  • MHS also offers a 457(b) Deferred Compensation plan which allows employees to defer additional compensation on a pretax basis, and new for 2024 – a Roth option.

Memorial is dedicated to improving and maintaining the body, mind, and spirit of our employees. That’s why we have increased the Memorial Minimum wage from $15 to $16 an hour for regular and per diem employees. This increased wage is effective June 4, 2023 and will impact approximately 2,000 employees. It also increases the value of benefits, such as paid leave, disability leave, the contributions made by Memorial to retirement plans, and more! By investing in our employees, we are investing in their families, and ultimately the community we live and serve in.

We have partnered with Broward College to support employees who are preparing to take the GED (high school equivalency diploma) test. Beginning with the Fall 2023 semester, employees will be able to attend an eight-week course online (with in-person orientation as well as in-person pre- and post-tests at Broward College) at their work site or at home with morning and evening options available.

Memorial Healthcare System truly wants every one of our employees to feel accepted, supported, and valued as part of our warm, welcoming family. That’s why we’ve been working on our retirement plan offerings – and why we’re offering new, improved pay rates.

Find out more about the benefits Memorial Healthcare System offers and how we’re here to support you!

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A Message from K. Scott Wester, FACHE

I’m excited to introduce myself to all job seekers interested in career opportunities at Memorial Healthcare System.

Personally, I am thrilled to have the chance to be part of such an extraordinary team and dynamic organization. I chose Memorial for my career for the same reasons you might:

  • strong culture of connectedness
  • clinical depth and diversity of services
  • a stellar reputation earned over nearly 70 years
  • leadership in safety, quality and service
  • putting patients and families first in all we do

I’ve joined #teamMHSflorida with 30 years of experience and a commitment to elevating the Memorial pillars of excellence — Safety, Quality, Service, People, Finance, Growth and Community. I look forward to a bright future as we seek to expand Memorial’s presence in South Florida and beyond.

Working here is an opportunity to be at your best within a supportive environment where we take care of one another. Our new Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) initiative launched in January 2021, as a way to further enhance the Memorial culture.

This commitment to DEI ensures that staff, patients and our community are treated equitably and feel a sense of belonging. We also secured Memorial’s first Healthcare Equality Index for Memorial Regional Hospital and continue to reach out to communities in need as a way to champion this work.

In addition, Memorial conducts an employee engagement survey semi-annually. Our most recent survey was conducted in September – October 2022. Over 11,000 employees (including employed physicians) took the survey and entrusted us with their feedback. Our engagement score was 4.34 (out of 5) — the highest it has ever been, including pre-COVID. This score puts us in the 98th percentile of healthcare organizations in the country. The survey further confirmed that our employees feel connected to our mission and are proud to tell people they work for Memorial.

I invite you — whether you have decades of experience, are new in your career or somewhere in between — to join our winning team and to search our jobs and apply online.

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A Message from Our Chief Human Resources Officer

Join one of the “Best Places to Work in Healthcare”!

We’ve received some excellent news recently about Memorial’s reputation for providing outstanding care and for being a healthcare employer of choice.

For the thirteenth time, Modern Healthcare has named Memorial Healthcare System one of the “Best Places to Work in Healthcare.” And Monigle, one of the nation’s largest independent brand consultancies, in exclusive partnership with the American Hospital Association (AHA) and the Society for Health Care Strategy and Market Development (SHSMD), has ranked Memorial as number #5 on its list of top 10 brands that are most committed to improving diversity and inclusion.

When you join #teamMHSflorida, you are joining our family. Although we are one of the largest public healthcare systems in the nation, we are a close-knit group of caregivers who look out for one another and for the population we serve. We celebrate each other’s wins, help each other grow, and are a shoulder to lean on when someone needs it.

Our welcoming and inclusive culture is just the beginning. We offer generous benefits for your body, your mind, and your spirit, adding new benefits or enhancing current benefits on a regular basis. We don’t make those decisions behind closed doors – we regularly ask for feedback from our employees and let them tell us what it is that they need to be well.

In this issue of our career e-newsletter, you’ll learn about our newest benefit offerings and scholarship programs for students in many clinical disciplines. Programs such as the Nurse Residency Program for new nurse graduates, along with an RN Fellowship Program for experienced RNs who want to train for a new specialty, as well as our Pharmacy Technician Apprenticeship Program offering an exciting new career path for individuals with an interest in health care. These programs are just the beginning of our career growth opportunities.

Joining us means being part of a team committed to improving health, wellness, and quality of life for our patients, our community and one another. If you’re looking for an opportunity to work somewhere special, search jobs and apply online now.

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Aurelio at his desk

A Message from our President

Compensation and Benefits Updates

Memorial Healthcare System is known for a rewarding culture where people are appreciated and valued. Our new compensation and benefits programs for 2022 reflect the good work we are all doing to care for our community.

Increased Pay
In late 2021, I announced a $106 million earmark for compensation adjustments in 2022. This includes increased hourly pay for RNs and RRTs, expanded preceptor pay, and bigger merit increases for outstanding performance. That’s in addition to “The Memorial Minimum” which had already increased all employees to at least $15/hour.

Retention Bonus
We are also offering a new one-time retention bonus for full and part-time employees who are hired by July 1 of this year. This bonus will be paid in January 2023 and will be based on total number of hours worked in 2022.

New Benefits
Memorial provides a generous benefits package with programs to protect your health, support your overall well being, secure your future, meet your family needs, and help you thrive as a person and a professional. This year, I am proud to announce new benefits for reproductive medicine and paid parental leave.

I once again express my gratitude to the loyal employees who have stayed the course with us, while also inviting other skilled and compassionate people to join us. Your commitment will be rewarded.Search jobs and apply online now.

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Aurelio at his desk

A Message from our President

Our Financial Health is Strong

Memorial Healthcare System has grown to become one of the largest public healthcare systems in the nation, highly regarded for our exceptional patient- and family-centered care.

Our patient, physician and employee satisfaction rates are some of the most admired in the country. But we don’t rest on excellence. We continually strive to create a healthier community for everyone … and that begins with good fiscal health.

The Memorial leadership team monitors trends and opportunities to make smart financial decisions. We are committed to having the best equipment, facilities, and people needed to provide a high-quality patient experience.

In this newsletter, you will read how we have invested in our employees with increased wages and new benefits. We promise to remain competitive in our offerings to attract top talent to our team.

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Aurelio at his desk

A Message from Our President

A Culture of Smarter Healthcare.

A culture of “Smarter Healthcare” is part of our service vision. It’s a promise to our patients, their families and the community at large. They know they can put their trust in us for the latest in healthcare innovation.

To our employees, Smarter Healthcare is all about improving the way we deliver care. That means investing in new technologies and opportunities, including programs that support our team’s drive for growth and progress.

This ongoing quest for greater skill and knowledge is one of the reasons that we have once again been ranked by Modern Healthcare magazine as one of the Best Places to Work in Healthcare for 2021. It’s the 12th time we’ve made the list, and we are proud to lead as an employer of choice.

Our newest educational programs include residencies for new nurses and fellowships for experienced RNs. We’re also offering scholarships for nursing students. Memorial Healthcare System is committed to attracting and hiring top talent, as well as retaining good people with incentives for growth and success.

If you want to grow your career, as a nurse or in any other role we offer, now is the time to join us. The opportunities to learn are greater than ever before. Because Smarter Healthcare is what will create the future of our System and your career.

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Aurelio at his desk

A Message from Our President

An exceptional display of teamwork.

We all have had many new experiences during COVID-19. At Memorial Healthcare System, we’ve tried to find the bright side whenever we can. Looking beyond the obvious impact to see where each of us has an opportunity to shine.

I have always been impressed by the teamwork here. It’s part of what we call The Memorial Experience. But the collaboration between our nursing and respiratory therapy professionals is truly next level.

In this issue of our Career e-Newsletter, you will read about the relationship between these two departments. How they are supporting each other during difficult times and why they could never succeed without one another by their side. One article is from the perspective of nursing, the other from respiratory.

These are great stories of collaboration and camaraderie. Which is something you can expect no matter where you work within our organization. I invite you learn more about our culture and our opportunities today.

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A Special Message from Maggie Hansen, Chief Nursing Executive

When I was promoted to CNE in 2016, I came to the executive table with a vision for Memorial Healthcare System to be THE destination for nursing. We developed our first-ever systemwide Nursing Strategic Plan, the outcomes of which have been well noted and celebrated.

From there, we have expanded – and continue to expand – a nursing culture hallmarked by a dedication that has only grown stronger during the pandemic. The critical incident nurses who we brought in during the surge have remarked that all healthcare systems should function like Memorial. Having worked all over the country, they certainly have the perspective to make that validation.

Our nurses are respected as the most influential caregivers in the patient and family experience. We have removed barriers so that nursing professionals can practice at the top of their license. There is a high level of accountability for producing quality results, and we support that by providing Memorial nurses what they need. That includes education, coaching, supplies and encouragement!

We created our Nurse Residency Program to help attract new nurses to our high-performing team. Our Program adheres to the AACN-accredited Vizient Nurse Residency Model in which nurses work together to solve problems, share ideas and complete evidence-based projects. Many of these projects are implemented, with nurse residents making a direct contribution to the profession and our organization.

Memorial leadership is very appreciative of the Program, and our nurse residents can expect a collaborative relationship with the medical staff. However, what is most impressive about the Program is that we maintain a 97% first-year retention rate for new RNs. That is far above the national average of 82%.

It’s because we look for nurses with a BSN who align with our culture. We invest in nurses who want to become leaders in healing at the bedside—which is the most important role that a nurse can hold. At Memorial, nurses are genuinely able to experience the joy that our profession has to offer.

Our Program produces better nurses and better patient outcomes by providing a proper transition from academia to the nursing world. If you are a new graduate, I encourage you to continue reading to learn more about becoming a nurse resident at Memorial. Our next cohort starts in March 2021 and I would love to see you there!




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Aurelio at his desk

A look at our heroes behind the scenes.

We’ve heard a lot about healthcare heroes over the past few months, seeing images of doctors and nurses in their PPE. But there are many others who have escaped the public eye. This issue of our career e-newsletter is dedicated to some of those people: the essential workers on our Support Services teams.

Food & Nutrition Services and Environmental Services employees are rarely in the spotlight, yet they are vital to maintaining the health and safety of our patients, employees and families. They are feeding our patients, visitors, and frontline workers. Keeping rooms and public areas clean and sanitized. Taking care of our basic needs so we can focus on our jobs.

The work of Support Services has always been important, but it has taken on greater significance during COVID-19. In the following stories, you will read about the extra effort and personal sacrifice of our teams. You’ll also read about the rewards that come with being part of Memorial Healthcare System.

Whether you want to advance your career, or to get your foot in the door in a healthcare role, our Food & Nutrition Services and Environmental Services areas have growth opportunities available. I invite you to explore our openings and apply online today.

Apply online today.

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Aurelio at his desk

Letter from the CEO


June 1, 2020

Dear Memorial Caregivers:

We continue to face unprecedented times in our country and community. As we grapple with the consequences of a global pandemic that has impacted us all very personally, we now face the turmoil and unrest in our communities across the country following the callous death of George Floyd. Heartbreaking, devastating, and unjust are a few of the words that capture the collective sentiment of our caregivers and as we wrestle with the shock and despair, we contemplate how and why this can happen in our present day?

As caregivers and healers. there is only room for compassion and respect in our hearts, and we must not be overcome by the senseless violence and darkness following recent events. We must be agents of change in this world, and I am urging every Memorial caregiver to lead by example in these unprecedented times with courage, integrity, love and respect for all. More than ever. we must be voices of reason, a collective helping hand, and a beacon of light toward progress and peace.

As a Memorial family, we extend our condolences to the families who have suffered incomprehensible loss and stand united for equality and justice. We know through collaboration and conversation with our entire community, we can inspire peace, and restore and rebuild the hearts and minds of those we touch. Let us make this commitment to each other and most importantly to our children and grandchildren. There is no better time to connect with a shared sense of healing and empowerment to confront and overcome deep rooted racial inequalities and injustice. Together, we can make a change.

While we stand together for what is right. let us not forget the compassion we need for each other. We cannot take for granted the collective toll of our experiences these last few months. Our resiliency and human connection is the key to overcoming any adversity and challenge.

Please take every precaution to stay safe, communicate with your teams and reach out for help when needed. Take advantage of the programs we have available for you.

On behalf of our Board of Commissioners and our entire Memorial leadership team, I want you to know that your overall safety is our greatest concern during these unprecedented times. We support you and stand together with you.

With much sincerity and respect,
Aurelio M. Fernandez, III, FACHE
President and Chief Executive Officer

3501 Johnson Street, Hollywood, Florida 33021 I 954-265-2000 I MHS.net I JDCH.com
South Broward Hospital District