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Imaging Careers at Memorial

Grow within a culture of excellence.

Joel Olano, Director of Imaging Services, Memorial Hospital West, is enthusiastic about opportunities for Imaging professionals throughout Memorial Healthcare System. He started his career here as an intern in 2011, was hired as a part-time Echocardiographer and advanced steadily into his current position.

“Once I started at Memorial, I realized there was a willingness to help me grow and advance into a leadership position. I saw that there was some real opportunity here. Leaders would ask ‘are you in interested in growth, do you want a new responsibility?’ I was surprised by how much growth was encouraged,” says Joel.

One thing that is consistent across all Memorial locations is the commitment to a culture of excellence within the Imaging practice. “We hold ourselves accountable to having a low error rate and doing the right thing for the patients,” Joel states. “It’s rewarding when you perform an exam and you go out of your way to dot every i and cross every t, and you follow up to see that the result of your work altered patient treatment for the better.”

As a system, Memorial invests in having the most advanced technologies for CT, MRI, x ray, ultrasound and nuclear medicine. “We are doing interventional radiology with guided procedures, all of your typical diagnostics, and a variety of surgical navigational procedures. We also have a robust OB/GYN ultrasound practice that is one of the largest in Broward County,” Joel lists off. “There is some exciting work coming out of MRI and CT in surgical guidance too. We keep pushing the envelope, especially in cardiac studies.”

When it comes to hiring Imaging Techs, Joel welcomes new graduates as well as experienced candidates. “We hire based on personality,” he stresses. “We look for people who are dedicated to putting patients first, dedicated to working well within a team atmosphere. There is also an expectation to a commitment to excellence. We expect people to be open-minded, be ready to assimilate and fully engross themselves in training.”

“We have a robust training regimen when we hire someone. After that, we support continued growth with our Imaging Mentorship Program and opportunities for Imaging Techs to work into higher modalities. If you start in x ray, we offer intern positions and pay for courses for you to move up to CT, MRI or Nuclear Medicine,” he explains. “My advice is to put your head down, work hard and be vocal about what you desire out of your job. When I started, I told my leaders that one day I’d like to be sitting where they were. The System was more than supportive in helping me achieve my goals. The opportunity is there.“

Memorial is proud to promote from within and values Imaging professionals who embrace our mission of patient- and family-centered care. We put patients first in everything we do, including our involvement in the community as a whole. If you are interested in working in a culture of excellence, alongside people who really do care, we encourage you to search our jobs and apply online now.

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Focus On: MRI

Innovation and opportunity at work.

Savanna Alvarez, RT (R) (MR), started her career at Memorial Healthcare System almost 12 years ago, after rotating here as a radiology student. “Not only was I one of Memorial’s scholarship recipients, I really liked the culture,” she says. “I was happy to apply for a career here as a radiologist technologist.” After 2 years she accepted an MRI Internship position within the System, where she was provided the opportunity to train at a Memorial facility and obtain her license. Today, Savanna is an MRI Clinical Educator supporting learning and growth throughout our entire healthcare system.

“The technology is always changing, and our Imaging Technologists need to keep up with it. There is a lot of new software, as well as new scanners. Memorial is continually investing in our capabilities and training,” she explains. In fact, the System is unique within the region and offers cardiac imaging at two of its facilities. They also have an MRI Safety Committee that was implemented to ensure the safety of patients and all others within the MRI department. As a result they have also discovered how to scan patients with implants and medical devices that were previously considered unsafe, and would not be able to have an MRI.

“It takes a lot of research and planning to do this sort of work safely,” Savanna says. “We go above and beyond when it comes to patient- and family-centered care. It’s very rewarding. Even though we may have done a test many times, it is different for each patient who is having an MRI. They, and their families, really appreciate what we do.”

Memorial hires licensed and registered radiologic technologists at varying levels of experience, including new graduates. “We will invest in training if you are a good match. But you must be willing and open to learning our way of thinking, our philosophy on patient care, and our way of treating each other,” stresses Savanna. “You will find room to grow here. You can start in Imaging and go anywhere, even into hospital administration. We offer continuing education benefits and even having an Imaging Mentorship Program to help RTs further their careers.”

If you’re an Imaging professional interested in MRI or any of our other specialties, please view our open positions and apply online now.

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Educating Patients

Making the Environment Work for You

Since 2002, Nafee Khan has called Memorial Healthcare System home. Starting in Acute Care Inpatient Rehabilitation, Nafee is now a Home Health PT with a doctorate in Physical Therapy. For the past eight years, Nafee has visited countless patients in their home, helping them recover and rehabilitate themselves from illness and injury. “Home Health is very unique versus other settings I’ve worked in. It’s not only about educating patients and teaching them about Physical Therapy. It’s about teaching them how to utilize whatever they have in the home to assist in their recovery,” says Nafee. “Without traditional rehab equipment, it’s by far the hardest and yet the most rewarding setting to work in.”

Working with patients in their home means you will find yourself in a variety of environments with each offering their own unique sets of challenges and approaches to rehabilitation. “You can go from a million-dollar estate with ample room to a mobile home that you can barely walk through. Yet, you still need to provide the same level of PT for both patients. That’s where the challenge lies,” says Nafee. “But you’re not alone,” she continues “We work very closely with the occupational and speech therapy teams as well as the nursing team and the home health aides. We’re in constant communication with one another discussing what the patient needs and how to meet that need. Together, we have great outcomes working together.”

The support Memorial offers go beyond the collaborative culture we’ve cultivated over the years. As an organization, we want you to excel in both your career and in your personal life. One way in which we do that is through tuition reimbursement. By assisting you in going back to school to gain more knowledge and skills, we’re helping build a more capable team. “Memorial’s tuition reimbursement allowed me to go back to school and pay for my Doctorate degree. A typical Home Health agency will not give you the funding to do that,” exclaims Nafee.

Learn more about #teamMHSflorida’s Home Health Physical Therapy and what career opportunities await you.


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Regaining Strength. Regaining Normalcy.

Engineers of the body.

Deborah Lessard is the Director of Rehabilitation at Memorial Hospital West. She has worked for Memorial Healthcare System for over 34 years, so she understands exactly what it takes to succeed here.

“In Rehab, we’re like engineers for the body. We have to know how it works,” begins Lessard. “We see patients who have undergone surgery, had an illness or an accident that has impaired them from doing the things they want to do. Once they become a Rehab patient at Memorial, we get to support them as they recover and regain their life.” Memorial’s multidisciplinary team of doctors, nurses, specialists, and allied health professionals are committed to working together to give our patients what they need to live their best life.

One way Memorial facilitates wellness is by having access to state-of-the-art therapeutic tools and equipment that help ease patients into recovery. “Throughout our health system, we have the opportunity to work with the newest and most exciting technology,” says Lessard. Strength-training tools such as the Eccentron, the Vector, the Bioness L300 and H200, the ReWalk and the C Mill Virtual Reality Treadmill are vital in helping patients learn to walk again, while a full-size heated salt water therapy pool helps with both strength and mobility.

While cutting-edge tools and equipment are beneficial, it’s the Rehab Therapists that make a real difference in the lives of Memorial’s patients. “We are always looking for good therapists who are passionate about what they do,” says Lessard. “I look for people who are passionate, have good communication skills and good problem-solving skills. We want them here.” At Memorial, we’re always looking for the best and the brightest people who are willing to work together to ensure better patient outcomes. People who aren’t afraid to bring their knowledge, voice and ideas to the table.

Learn more about #teamMHSflorida and how you can take advantage of our per diem opportunities when you search for Rehabilitation careers now.

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Growth through collaboration.

Pharmacy Careers at Memorial Healthcare System

Talk to Dorinda Segovia, Vice President of Pharmacy Services, and you will hear a story of career growth that is repeated time and time again within Memorial. It’s a story about opportunity, technology and the confidence to create the career you want.

Moving Pharmacy forward.

Segovia first moved to Memorial Healthcare System for the convenience of a shorter drive. Little did she know that this phase of her career journey would take her farther than she ever imagined.

“I had heard that Memorial was a great institution, full of potential,” she says. “It’s here that I was able to build upon an already existing state-of-the-art Pharmacy department with the full support of the hospital leadership”. “Together, we developed a post graduate pharmacy residency program, invested in the most innovative new technologies, decentralized some key clinical services, like anticoagulation and kinetics and implemented non-traditional roles for pharmacy technicians.”

“One of the things that stood out for me from the beginning, and still makes a difference today, is the level of collaboration at Memorial,” Segovia continues. “Our pharmacists are an integral part of the care team, participating in rounds, resuscitation codes and patient treatment plans. We work alongside physicians in critical care, internal medicine, oncology and transplant, and serve as a valuable resource in transitioning patients into other settings, including their home.”

Doing what we love.

Memorial hires Clinical Pharmacists, Specialists and Pharmacy Techs for both inpatient and outpatient roles in our decentralized hospital pharmacy, retail pharmacy sites, specialty and infusion pharmacy. Our automated IV and dispensing technologies ensure accurate and timely care, in alignment with our integrated health delivery system powered by Epic.

“Our advanced and integrated clinical practice model within Pharmacy offers advantages not easily found in all settings” states Segovia. “If you want to be an integral part of multi-disciplinary healthcare team, Memorial can give you that opportunity. In addition to competitive benefits, the pharmacy team members also enjoy ongoing continuing education and support for professional advancement. But, for me, what I love most of all is the place, the people, and the patient care we provide as South Florida’s go-to healthcare system.”

Learn more about #teamMHSflorida and how you can join us, when you search for pharmacy careers now.



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Start here. Go anywhere.

Mobility and opportunity in Imaging careers.

Our diverse specialties and facilities provide endless opportunities for motivated Imaging professionals. Modalities here include diagnostic radiology, nuclear medicine, MRI, CT, ultrasound, Women’s imaging services and interventional radiology. Each of our six hospitals offers full imaging services, inclusive of a dedicated Women’s Imaging Center.

We are constantly introducing new technologies and procedures, such as minimally invasive tumor ablation in the CT environment. Learning opportunities are abundant here. New grads and licensed professionals have the opportunity to enter into the various internship programs periodically offered to advance their skills in the modalities of CT, MRI, interventional radiology and Women’s imaging specialties.

Bring your personality to work.

High energy and a positive attitude, along with a strong work ethic are traits that make for successful team members. And because the Memorial culture is truly patient-focused, candidates should take pride in taking care of people and ensuring patient and family satisfaction.
Patient- and family-centered care is at the core of our entire organization. If you are committed to caring for others, you will be supported and cared for you in return.

Memorial hires Imaging professionals at all levels of expertise, including new grads. Students and non-clinical workers can join the department in support staff roles to learn about Imaging as a potential future career. Search jobs and apply online today.

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Use your full complement of skills in Respiratory Care

A culture of learning and growth. The option to float among six hospitals. An opportunity to explore diverse therapies and diagnoses. There is no such thing as an ordinary day for Respiratory Therapists at Memorial Healthcare System.

“Respiratory Therapists can do so many things here,” says Jerry Wright Jr., Director of Respiratory Care at Memorial Regional Hospital. “You can see open heart surgery along with heart transplant cases, work with both adult and pediatric patients, allowing you to work at top of your licensure.”

Several RTs are part of our external cardiac transport team that travels locally and regionally to bring critically ill patients to our facility. Respiratory therapists at Memorial also participate in several innovative procedures as ECMO, high-frequency oscillator ventilator management, beside bronchoscopies, nitric oxide studies, beside tracheostomies, and bronchial thermoplastys. Other responsibilities include intubation assistance, mechanical ventilation management, noninvasive ventilation, extubation, tracheostomy tube changes, high flow nasal cannulas, and point of care testing for blood gases and critical care panels. Additionally, Memorial has a Cystic Fibrosis Center where RTs make a significant impact on our CF patients.

“Our employees are second to none,” says Wright. “We are passionate about the respiratory field and contribute to the plan of care that helps patients achieve a higher level of health. Our goal is to educate our patients about their disease processes and avoid readmissions by empowering them through knowledge and self-management. We see many patients with multiple diagnoses including but not limited to COPD, cystic fibrosis, asthma, pneumonia, ARDS, cancer, stroke, and brain and spinal cord injury. We participate in daily interdisciplinary rounds, particularly in critical care where our input is valued by our 24 hour intensivist teams.”

Memorial offers Respiratory Therapy professionals autonomy, team involvement, achievable workloads, and a high level of managerial support. We also have a clinical ladder program so you can advance your career.  Our RTs share their expertise with several areas of the hospital and serve as preceptors, while also providing community service in respiratory health training.

If you are ambitious, passionate about learning, and ready to go above and beyond for your patients, search our Respiratory Therapy career openings now. New grads are welcome to apply.

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Echocardiography Professionals: At the heart of our Cardiac program

Dr. Omosalewa Adewale, Medical Director of Adult Cardiac Imaging, describes the TotalHEART Care program at Memorial Healthcare System as “a one-stop-shop for the health of the heart.”

“We are concerned with how the heart pumps, its rhythm and arterial flow. Echocardiography is at the heart of all cardiac care,” she states. “Echo is essential for diagnosis, treatment planning and prognostication. Working with us will keep you at the cutting-edge of this field.”

“For one, Memorial has one of the busiest ECMO program in all of South Florida. We have also just added the Heartmate III left ventricle assist device, and are expanding our multi-organ transplant program. If someone needs a heart transplant and another solid organ, like a kidney, we can do that here. Our percutaneous valve therapies program is also growing.”

“If you are interested in a career – not just a job – at a place where we are constantly doing new things, and where you’ll have the opportunity to advance your skills in order to gain ACS certification or other credentials, that place is Memorial. You will always be growing, as we develop new programs and Centers of Excellence. Equally important, you will be a valued contributor within a dynamic team setting, where your input will be heard,” Dr. Adewale adds.

The echocardiography program at Memorial currently has opportunities for dedicated, well-trained, hard-working, and passionate professionals for these key positions: Adult Echocardiography Technical Director, Adult Cardiac Sonographers/Echocardiography Technologists, Manager of Pediatric Echocardiography, and Pediatric Cardiac Sonographers/Echocardiography Technologists.

Learn more about our Echo careers now.

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Nurse Group Selfie

No Shortage of Opportunity for PTs

Find diversity and mobility at Memorial.

The size and scope of our organization presents many advantages for Physical Therapists at all skill levels. Whether you are interested in inpatient or outpatient care, we have full-time, part-time and per diem positions available.

“We have openings for all therapists with varying levels of experience – from seasoned clinicians to new graduates,” says Dawn Broksch, Administrative Director of Rehabilitation Services at Memorial Regional Hospital South. There are plenty of opportunities to continue to learn and grow at Memorial Healthcare System, regardless of where you are within your career.

Memorial’s inpatient and outpatient rehab services treat adults and pediatrics across diverse settings including a Level I Trauma Center, renowned Rehabilitation Institute, free-standing Children’s Hospital, skilled nursing facility, outpatient centers, sports medicine practice, home health, and more. Diagnoses include orthopedics, neurology, oncology, brain injury and spinal cord injury, as well as a multitude of pediatric developmental diagnoses.

“If you are interested in practicing in different settings, our therapists are able to float to any facility in the Memorial Healthcare System,” says Broksch. “Floating can help you discover new experiences and explore different settings to learn new skills to fill your clinical tool box.”

Memorial also offers a clinical ladder for Physical Therapists who want to progress in their careers and be recognized as clinical experts within the interdisciplinary care team. “Advancing your career along the clinical ladder gives you a chance to participate on committees, act as a resource and mentor for others, and provide education to our stakeholders,” explains Broksch. “You might even have the opportunity to work with our research team on PT-related grants and studies.”

If you’re an enthusiastic and high-energy Physical Therapist, find out why Memorial can be an excellent choice for your career. Search our jobs and apply online now to learn more.