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Food & Nutrition Services Adapts to New Challenges

Melissa “Missy” Santoro, Director of Food & Nutrition Services at Memorial Regional Hospital, has been leading teams here for more than 20 years. She is made for this moment, saying that she is the type of person that “runs toward the fire, rather than away from it.”

A look at our heroes behind the scenes.

We’ve heard a lot about healthcare heroes over the past few months, seeing images of doctors and nurses in their PPE. But there are many others who have escaped the public eye. This issue of our career e-newsletter is dedicated to some of those people: the essential workers on our Support Services teams.

Imaging Careers at Memorial

Joel Olano, Director of Imaging Services, Memorial Hospital West, is enthusiastic about opportunities for Imaging professionals throughout Memorial Healthcare System. He started his career here as an intern in 2011, was hired as a part-time Echocardiographer and advanced steadily into his current position.

Focus On: MRI

Savanna Alvarez, RT (R) (MR), started her career at Memorial Healthcare System almost 12 years ago, after rotating here as a radiology student. “Not only was I one of Memorial’s scholarship recipients, I really liked the culture,” she says. “I was happy to apply for a career here as a radiologist technologist.”

Transforming Data into Healthcare

Monica Puga didn’t begin her Memorial career working in Information Technology. In fact, Monica started her career as an RN in the Radiology department nearly 18 years ago at Memorial Hospital West. After spending 8 years on the clinical side of the healthcare equation, she decided to make the leap into the world of IT.

The IT Revolution

Healthcare and technology have always been intertwined. And this interconnection has lead to the tools we use to diagnose and treat patients evolving to further enhance the practice of patient care. Now with the ability to harness data like never before, information technology is…

Modernizing Healthcare

Over the past few decades alone, the healthcare industry has undergone rapid growth and change thanks to new emerging technologies. But few have had as great of an impact on clinical outcomes as our ability to harness data and use it to our patients’ advantage. No one understands this better than…

Using Technology to Drive Better Care.

Memorial Healthcare System is moving health forward, always seeking ways to better serve our patients, their families, and the community. While we have earned a hospital system that practices sound fiscal responsibility, and a healthcare employer of choice – we never stop searching for ways to improve our processes, offer the latest in technologies and […]

Home Is Where The Healing Begins.

Flexibility and Autonomy For over 15 years, Dawn de la Vega has been a part of Memorial Healthcare System. Starting with direct patient care in a procedural area, Dawn then climbed the Clinical Ladder and advanced to a Manager position when she earned her Master’s degree. Now as Director of Nursing for Memorial Home Health, […]