RN Fellowship Blog

Chastity Bartram, RN
Cohort 1 RN Fellow – MCI Infusion Center

I had the pleasure of sitting down with Chastity Bartram, one of our very first RN Fellowship cohort nurses, to talk about her experiences with the program. Chastity has been a nurse for 10 years. She worked on a stepdown unit for four years and then a mother-baby unit for 5+ years before applying to our RN Fellowship for Oncology nursing.

Chastity was hired and serves as an Oncology nurse at the Memorial Cancer Institute Outpatient Infusion Center at Memorial Regional Hospital. She delivers compassionate and highly skilled care to our patients who require chemotherapy and other infusions. Here’s what she had to say about her opportunity here.

What made you come to work for Memorial?
“I heard so much about Memorial. I heard there were many opportunities for growth. That there
was research being done, lots of educational programs, and new ways to improve my nursing

What brought you to Oncology? Tell us what motivated you to make a change.
“When I was 10 years old, my grandmother would go for chemo. We would take the bus and I would sit outside the waiting room for hours. Afterward, I just wanted to care for her and make sure she was okay. I always thought that Oncology was a destiny of mine. Now that I’m in the specialty, it feels like it was meant to be.”

What do you enjoy most about the RN Fellowship program?
“It was an easy transition for me because I was doing something I always wanted to do. I got to learn everything at my own pace with the educational program.”

Tell us about your experience with your preceptor.
“Jennifer was my preceptor. She and the entire team were welcoming. Jennifer was always ready to teach me everything she knows. She is very knowledgeable and very friendly – always! She gave me compliments and positive feedback — or even criticism if necessary. She is very caring and honest person. I really enjoyed my experience with her.”

Anything else you would like to say about the program?
“It’s a very good program. Way more than I expected. I’ve learned so much and I can’t wait to learn even more about oncology. My patients are so inspirational and so strong. They are motivating for me. I really learn a lot from them. I learn a lot from my team too. The other nurses are helpful with any questions that I have. I really appreciate that and appreciate them. They make it so good to work here.”

Transitioning to a new practice area can be challenging … as well as very rewarding. The Memorial RN Fellowship Program offers you strong support, salary and benefits, and the opportunity to grow in your practice. For more information, go to https://careers.mhs.net/career-areas/rn-fellowship/