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More Benefits

Memorial Healthcare System is proud to offer a generous plan to support all aspects of your life and work. We continually add benefits to make your career with us that much better. Our newest offerings include reproductive medicine coverage and extended parental leave.

You can depend on ample health benefits at Memorial, including critical illness insurance, hospital indemnity insurance and accident insurance. We also offer short-term disability benefits that pay up to $5,000 during your time away.

We have a 403(b) plan to help you save for the future. We will match a percentage anywhere from 30% to 55% of the first 5% of your contributions, based on years of service. The longer you work here, the greater the match. We have 457(b) and 401(a) plans available as well.

Other programs include adoption assistance, legal services, identity theft protection, and access to the same community support services Memorial provides to local families. Additionally, we have enhanced our coverage for reproductive medicine and parental leave. We offer help with education, family planning, affordable childcare, financial assistance, behavioral health and more.

We want you to thrive at work too, with unlimited career growth opportunities. Our online Aspire system promotes professional growth and fulfillment through self-paced learning. In addition, we partner with local colleges and universities to offer degree programs and will pay up to $5,000 per year in educational assistance. Scholarships are also available for you and your children.

More reasons than ever to love what Memorial has to offer. Search jobs and apply now to work with an employer that will take good care of you.