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Professional Development Programs for RNs

The COVID-19 pandemic changed the nursing profession in many ways. If anything, good nurses are in greater demand than ever before. RNs – whether entry-level or experienced – have their choice of opportunities. So, why choose Memorial?

“We are making education and professional growth key components of our offering to nurses and nurses-to-be,” says Valarie Grumme, PhD, RN, CCRN-K, Nurse Fellowship Program Director at Memorial. “It is how we will attract, retain and grow talented nurses for challenging specialties.” Memorial’s approach is three-fold, with opportunities for nursing students, new graduates and experienced nurses alike.

“We’re offering scholarships to top-performing nursing students who are pursuing a BSN degree,” explains Grumme. “Academic partnerships enable students to gain valuable clinical experience in a variety of departments at Memorial. They also have socialization experiences, working with nursing leaders and immersing themselves into our culture.”

For new nurses, Memorial offers a Nurse Residency Program. This is a one-year transitional program to teach evidence-based clinical knowledge and critical thinking, along with interpersonal skills, time management and other soft skills.

We are also excited to be starting our second RN Fellowship Program cohort in December 2021. Nurses with at least one year of experience will be learning how to advance their careers in Critical Care, Emergency Services, Oncology, L&D, OR, PACU, and CVI/IR.

The program includes a specialty orientation, simulation training, hands-on practice, bi-monthly seminars and more. Nurses will also have the opportunity to complete an evidence-based practice project and participate in a specialty certification review course before sitting for exams. Additional cohorts will be scheduled for 2022, with new tracks to be determined based on the organization’s needs. Applications open August 9th.

All programs are supported by a team of accomplished CNOs, Directors of Education, and Clinical Nurse Educators at each Memorial hospital location. “This focus on employee growth and development is also key to retaining our own high-quality workforce,” says Grumme. “Our leaders are creative in their approach to identifying and recruiting the best nurses … as well as keeping them here.”

Explore Memorial’s educational programs, as well as opportunities for experienced nurses who want to join a smart, fast, high-tech culture.