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Environmental Services Ramps Up Their Efforts

Making people feel comfortable and safe.

William Lubin joined Memorial Healthcare System about 15 years ago and has been happy here ever since. Today, he is Director of Environmental Services at Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital where he believes that his staff is the backbone of the organization – keeping patients, employees, and families safe.

“We take pride in what we do. I tell my team that what they do is as valuable and as important as any doctor or nurse,” says William. “We make sure that we are providing an environmental care that is safe and clean for our stakeholders. A clean environment is the foundation for keeping patients, visitors, and employees safe. We are here for our patients and visitors. Wiping down things constantly, having hand sanitizers available throughout the facility, making sure people can feel comfortable and safe.”

When COVID-19 first emerged, William had the infection control team speak to his employees. They learned not only what they needed to be doing at work, but also what they needed to do to keep themselves safe in the community. “I emphasized what we do and why,” he explains. “I would never ask them to do anything unsafe. We follow all the CDC guidelines, wear our N95 masks and proper PPE.” We always use best cleaning practices. With COVID-19 employees are utilizing methodical cleaning and disinfecting so as to not overlook anything. The path to a cleaner and safer hospital starts and ends with a clean environment and the Environmental Services Department at Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital will continue with the task to prevent the spread of the virus.

In Memorial’s culture of patient- and family-centered care, William encourages his team to have a sense of ownership. “I tell them, see it, own it, and take care of it. If you see something wrong, you can intervene and if in doubt call me. We make sure we do everything in our power to keep the little ones safe. We do it for the parents and the children.” I motivate the team by being here with them, having sincere, open communication, listening to their complaints, and providing them the tools and the education necessary to keep them safe.

The rewards of the work are many and include opportunity and longevity. “If someone is looking for growth, this is it. Job seekers will find that MHS offers a strong service culture of excellence, opportunity for growth. We have six hospitals and many other sites. This is a place to fulfill your dreams,” William stresses. “Do your best and you can move up. But you must be able to work at a fast pace. We are saving lives without ever sacrificing quality.”

“You will learn our way,” he continues. “What we do is important. We work with honesty, teamwork, and empathy. You should be able to make the team better. Ask yourself what you can bring to the team and how you will treat your brothers and sisters in the Memorial family. I cannot teach you what is inside yourself.”

If you have what it takes to be in service to others and are ready to be the best at what you do, search our Environmental Services jobs and apply online now.