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Aurelio at his desk

Letter from the CEO


June 1, 2020

Dear Memorial Caregivers:

We continue to face unprecedented times in our country and community. As we grapple with the consequences of a global pandemic that has impacted us all very personally, we now face the turmoil and unrest in our communities across the country following the callous death of George Floyd. Heartbreaking, devastating, and unjust are a few of the words that capture the collective sentiment of our caregivers and as we wrestle with the shock and despair, we contemplate how and why this can happen in our present day?

As caregivers and healers. there is only room for compassion and respect in our hearts, and we must not be overcome by the senseless violence and darkness following recent events. We must be agents of change in this world, and I am urging every Memorial caregiver to lead by example in these unprecedented times with courage, integrity, love and respect for all. More than ever. we must be voices of reason, a collective helping hand, and a beacon of light toward progress and peace.

As a Memorial family, we extend our condolences to the families who have suffered incomprehensible loss and stand united for equality and justice. We know through collaboration and conversation with our entire community, we can inspire peace, and restore and rebuild the hearts and minds of those we touch. Let us make this commitment to each other and most importantly to our children and grandchildren. There is no better time to connect with a shared sense of healing and empowerment to confront and overcome deep rooted racial inequalities and injustice. Together, we can make a change.

While we stand together for what is right. let us not forget the compassion we need for each other. We cannot take for granted the collective toll of our experiences these last few months. Our resiliency and human connection is the key to overcoming any adversity and challenge.

Please take every precaution to stay safe, communicate with your teams and reach out for help when needed. Take advantage of the programs we have available for you.

On behalf of our Board of Commissioners and our entire Memorial leadership team, I want you to know that your overall safety is our greatest concern during these unprecedented times. We support you and stand together with you.

With much sincerity and respect,
Aurelio M. Fernandez, III, FACHE
President and Chief Executive Officer

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