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Imaging Careers at Memorial

Grow within a culture of excellence.

Joel Olano, Director of Imaging Services, Memorial Hospital West, is enthusiastic about opportunities for Imaging professionals throughout Memorial Healthcare System. He started his career here as an intern in 2011, was hired as a part-time Echocardiographer and advanced steadily into his current position.

“Once I started at Memorial, I realized there was a willingness to help me grow and advance into a leadership position. I saw that there was some real opportunity here. Leaders would ask ‘are you in interested in growth, do you want a new responsibility?’ I was surprised by how much growth was encouraged,” says Joel.

One thing that is consistent across all Memorial locations is the commitment to a culture of excellence within the Imaging practice. “We hold ourselves accountable to having a low error rate and doing the right thing for the patients,” Joel states. “It’s rewarding when you perform an exam and you go out of your way to dot every i and cross every t, and you follow up to see that the result of your work altered patient treatment for the better.”

As a system, Memorial invests in having the most advanced technologies for CT, MRI, x ray, ultrasound and nuclear medicine. “We are doing interventional radiology with guided procedures, all of your typical diagnostics, and a variety of surgical navigational procedures. We also have a robust OB/GYN ultrasound practice that is one of the largest in Broward County,” Joel lists off. “There is some exciting work coming out of MRI and CT in surgical guidance too. We keep pushing the envelope, especially in cardiac studies.”

When it comes to hiring Imaging Techs, Joel welcomes new graduates as well as experienced candidates. “We hire based on personality,” he stresses. “We look for people who are dedicated to putting patients first, dedicated to working well within a team atmosphere. There is also an expectation to a commitment to excellence. We expect people to be open-minded, be ready to assimilate and fully engross themselves in training.”

“We have a robust training regimen when we hire someone. After that, we support continued growth with our Imaging Mentorship Program and opportunities for Imaging Techs to work into higher modalities. If you start in x ray, we offer intern positions and pay for courses for you to move up to CT, MRI or Nuclear Medicine,” he explains. “My advice is to put your head down, work hard and be vocal about what you desire out of your job. When I started, I told my leaders that one day I’d like to be sitting where they were. The System was more than supportive in helping me achieve my goals. The opportunity is there.“

Memorial is proud to promote from within and values Imaging professionals who embrace our mission of patient- and family-centered care. We put patients first in everything we do, including our involvement in the community as a whole. If you are interested in working in a culture of excellence, alongside people who really do care, we encourage you to search our jobs and apply online now.