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The IT Revolution

Data as a Tool

Healthcare and technology have always been intertwined. And this interconnection has lead to the tools we use to diagnose and treat patients evolving to further enhance the practice of patient care. Now with the ability to harness data like never before, information technology is at the center of the new healthcare revolution. Oscar Perez, Vice President of Information Technology at Memorial Healthcare System stated “Not only can we better treat our patients, but we can begin looking at ways to prevent the need for treatment in the first place with the use of technology.” His team is always on the move, strategizing and understanding the organization’s technology needs in order to translate that technology to continually improve patient care.

As the VP of Population Health, Monica Puga has built a team of experts whose job is to improve the outcomes for an entire population, and prevention is a key to accomplishing that goal. Monica’s team is comprised of some of the best and brightest people in all of South Florida, and not just in the technical field either. There are clinicians, nurses, therapists and others who seamlessly blend their clinical knowledge with their technical expertise — allowing Monica and her team to make the best decisions for our organization, our patients and their families. By tapping into the data, they can genuinely help patients own their health in a way that just wasn’t possible even a few years ago.

That’s where Ana Rodriguez, the VP of IT and Clinical Informatics, and her team come in. The system they’ve built has fundamentally changed how our doctors and nurses diagnose, treat and care for patients. It allows doctors and nurses to share valuable information that literally saves lives while significantly reducing medical errors. Making for safer, more efficient treatments and drastically improving patient outcomes. Rest assured, that whatever new, technological advancements come along, Memorial Healthcare System will remain a place where technology and medicine coalesce.

As our capabilities grow, so does our need for intelligent, curious and passionate people to join our team. The culture at Memorial is second to none, and so are our opportunities for career growth. It’s no wonder why so many of our team members make us their home. From our CEO on down, we understand the importance technology will play in the future of medicine. As an organization, we’re committed to becoming the most technologically advanced healthcare system in South Florida and beyond.

Being a part of Memorial Healthcare System’s IT team allows you to make an impact on patients and their families. Discover how you can help #teamMHSflorida use technology to improve patient outcomes using data by visiting our careers page.