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Healing in the Home

Home Health: Taking Recovery to the People

As treatments have improved over the past few years, the need for Home Health practitioners has increased. Patients are now being discharged sooner than ever before, and they need passionate, dedicated, and determined healthcare professionals to help them on their journey to recovery.

Take our Home Health Nurses, for instance. Their job is to travel to a patients’ home to care for patients while educating them on how to better care for themselves. This can be challenging as no two patients’ living situations are the same, but the quality of care they receive needs to be. It takes someone who isn’t afraid to think outside the box to do this job, but the reward of watching your patients take their health into their own hands makes it all worthwhile. And while it may seem these incredible clinicians are alone, they are not. They enjoy the full support of their Home Health teammates – the administrative staff, therapists, aides – and the entire Memorial Healthcare System.

Meanwhile, our Home Health Physical Therapists face similar challenges and rewards. Here they have to teach their patients how to utilize their environment to facilitate recovery and rehabilitation. Home Health Rehab can be challenging as patients and therapists lack the standard equipment one might find in a clinical setting, so they must make due with what they can find in a patient’s home. In this job, thinking on your feet is critical in helping your patient get back to their full potential.

At Memorial Healthcare System, our Home Health team is committed to improving patient outcomes by helping them recover in the environment they feel most comfortable…their home. Discover how #teamMHSflorida can help you take your career to a whole new level by visiting our career page today.