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Exceptional Nurses. Extraordinary Care.

At the heart of Oncology are teamwork and passion.

Ana Rosa Espinosa, Administrative Director of the Oncology Clinical Services at Memorial Cancer Institute (MCI), and Nicolette Christie, Nurse Manager for Inpatient/Outpatient Oncology, have spent a combined total of 17 years with Memorial Healthcare System. Ana and Nicolette know first hand how Memorial’s culture has shaped everything from patient interactions to how they work together as a team.

Memorial prides itself on the culture it’s built, especially when it comes to nursing. “The nursing culture here involves coordinated teamwork,” says Ana Rosa Espinosa. “The team really works together and help each other out. Nicolette added, “It’s unbelievable. They get so involved and into their work with our patients.”

Oncology is a fast-paced and challenging speciality that requires vigilance. Patients are often very ill and are administered medications that can cause severe side effects and allergic reactions. This means Oncology nurses must remain on guard. Ana Rosa Espinosa says, “To work in Oncology, you have to have a passion for this. It’s really hard work. When you are giving patients an infusion of Chemo, you’re doing it all day long. You have to be aware of the side effect because, in one second, a reaction could happen.” Nicolette added, “The patient could say they see a little flicker in their eye and you have to pick up on that because that could be the start of something.”

Putting patients and nurses first.

One way MCI attracts the best nursing talent in the industry is by prioritizing their professional needs. We offer cross-training opportunities for our nurses, OCN certification reimbursement, and pay raises of 5% for every rung of the clinical ladder our nurses climb. “More than 50% of our RNs take part in the clinical ladder,” says Nicollete. “We also have a program called Tea for the Soul where our Psychologists provide counseling sessions to our team members, to help staff cope with the loss of a patient, ” says Nicolette.

In return, our nurses give our patients the compassion and world-class care that Memorial Healthcare System is known for. The Memorial Cancer Institute caters to the needs of our patients and their families by offering a variety of services including genetic counseling and testing, massage therapy, blood/iron transfusions, survivorship plans and more. Ana Rosa Espinosa explains, “We’re providing a unique service. We even offer a fast track for patients who need a quick injection, so they don’t have to wait for hours while other patients may be receiving an all-day infusion.”

To keep our nurses practicing at the top of their license, we provide the emotional and professional support they need to be at their very best. Learn more about #teamMHSflrodia and discover how you can be a part of our incredible Oncology Nursing team.

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Stronger Against Cancer.

Memorial Cancer Institute: Supporting Patients Every Step of the Way

As one of the largest cancer centers in the state of Florida, Memorial Cancer Institute treats more than 4,300 new cancer patients every year, providing them with innovative technology and a team of more than 300 medical and support professionals who are dedicated to offering world-class cancer care.

In our Oncology Nursing Unit, our nurses work closely with one another to ensure our patients receive the best care possible. Patient statuses can change quickly in Oncology, so nurses must remain observant and ready to jump into action if the need arises. The Memorial Cancer Institute also caters to the needs of our patients and their families by providing a host of services such as massage therapy, support groups, genetic counseling and testing, survivorship plans and more.

Meanwhile, in Oncology Pharmacy, we ensure our patient’s safety by keeping our patient to pharmacist ratio at or above the national standard. This ensures our patients receive the attention they deserve, and our pharmacists’ workload remains manageable. Additionally, we’re investing in new technologies and methodologies that help keep our pharmacist and technicians safe — allowing us to meet USP 800 compliance.

At Memorial Cancer Institute we truly are committed to being Stronger Against Cancer, and supporting our patients and our employees every step of the way. Discover how working with #teamMHSflorida can elevate your career by visiting our career page now.