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Multiple Patients. One Nurse.

Delivering joy for high-risk patients.

With over 36 years of combined experience, Gessy Targete-Johnson and Hortense Martin understand the dedication, passion, and diligence it takes to provide care for high-risk mothers and their babies.

“For Obstetrics, expectations for new nurses are high,” says Targete-Johnson, Director of Nursing at Memorial Hospital Miramar. “We expect nurses to be competent, compassionate and respect the leadership and patients involved with the unit.” added Martin, Nurse Manager of the High-Risk Antepartum Unit .“We want to hear what you have to say because you’re the one working closely with the patients. We want you to feel like you’re part of the team because you and your input is valued and wanted.”

The challenge for nurses in the field of high-risk OB is caring for two or more patients at once, but technology helps in this endeavor. As Targete-Johnson explains, “Fetal monitors are the number one instrument for Antepartum patients because you have one patient you can see and the other is in utero. So monitors such as the new FM40s help nurses and doctors observe  the baby’s health and gestation.” Martin added, “New ultrasound machines also allow us to see more than the patients basic anatomy.” Still, nurses can’t just rely on technology. They must stay diligent and detailed-oriented. Even minor changes in blood pressure can have dire consequences for soon-to-be mothers and their babies.

A happy staff means happy patients.

Memorial’s culture revolves around patient- and family- centered care, but  that doesn’t mean the needs of the staff are left to the wayside. As Jane McCarthy, Director of Nursing for High Risk Obstetrics at Memorial Regional Hospital puts it, “The culture of caring is the core basis for all we do at Memorial Healthcare System. It is a balance on taking care of patients, their families and each other. In other health systems, you take care of the patients and then you take care of the staff. Here we believe in taking care of the staff and in turn they will take care of the patients and their families, and as a result everyone benefits. Our team works diligently to ensure high quality care while caring for the family unit as a whole.”

Other ways Memorial keeps our standards high and our OB nurses working at maximum efficiency are by giving them a workload they can handle. This gives high-risk mothers, and their babies, the attention and care they need. McCarthy says, “We follow the AWHONN standards for nurse to patient ratios”.  Whether it’s having access to the best technology around or utilizing the industry’s best practices, Memorial is dedicated to giving its nurses the tools they need to succeed.

The future of L&D and High Risk Obstetrics at Memorial.

Memorial Hospital Miramar’s new six-bed antepartum unit is home to nurses who are  tasked with caring for high-risk mothers. These soon-to-be mothers who are at risk of complications arising from early delivery, high blood pressure, diabetes and more require the skills and knowledge of seasoned OB nurses. Targete-Johnson explains, “We’re seeing sicker as well as older moms in the population. As they get older, these types of units are needed more and more.”

It’s Targete-Johnson and Martin’s hope to ultimately expand the unit beyond the initial six beds to meet the rising demand of the population. To do that, they need like-minded nurses who are just as dedicated to caring for these vulnerable patients. It’s this focus on patient care that will drive the success of the unit into the future and beyond.

Learn more about #teamMHSflorida and how you can become a part of our new antepartum unit.