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Nothing more rewarding.

Bring your passion to Rehab Nursing.

With 18 years of experience at Memorial Healthcare System, Jackie Zayas, Director of Nursing at Memorial Regional Hospital South, knows a good rehab nurse when she sees one.

“Rehab Nursing has a different philosophy when it comes to patient care,” begins Zayas. At Memorial, nurses work closely with physicians and a multidisciplinary care team, to help set little goals that lead to major milestones. However, “it’s a challenge to find nurses with the level of clinical skill to care for medically complex patients with rehabilitation needs.”

“The work also requires a positive attitude of encouragement to help patients meet their goals for improved functionality and transition back into the community,” Zayas continues. “When you see a patient who has come in debilitated actually start walking again, that’s the whole ‘wow’ of nursing. Seeing the efforts of everyone coming together is just priceless. Progress is a beautiful thing to see.”

Memorial looks for Rehab Nurses with 1-2 years of experience, but will also train Telemetry and Medical Surgical unit nurses. “We have a new nurse residency program, as well as a 12-16 week orientation in Rehab Nursing. There is a lot to learn about our unique philosophy of hands-on rehab nursing, a lot to learn about body mechanics. Critical thinking skills are a must,” stresses Zayas.

“We want nurses who are open-minded, willing to learn and get involved. Nurses who set the bar higher and have a passion to make a difference. True professionals who have a burning fire inside of them to grow as a clinician. There are always opportunities here.”

Perhaps most important is the desire to assimilate into Memorial’s culture. “We hold each other accountable, but we also forgive easily,” Zayas explains. “We celebrate small wins, collaborate with transparency, and focus on solutions. We take care of each other too. Knowing that everything we do together trickles down to the patient and their success.”

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