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Home Is Where The Healing Begins.

Flexibility and Autonomy

For over 15 years, Dawn de la Vega has been a part of Memorial Healthcare System. Starting with direct patient care in a procedural area, Dawn then climbed the Clinical Ladder and advanced to a Manager position when she earned her Master’s degree. Now as Director of Nursing for Memorial Home Health, Dawn is building a compassionate, high-caliber clinical team!

The flexibility and autonomy that Home Health offers are what drew Dawn, and nurses like Aislinn Woody, to the job. Aislinn began working at Memorial in March as a Home Health RN. Raising a six-year-old child with a husband who’s deployed nearly half the year isn’t an easy task, so the flexibility Home Health affords Aislinn has been a blessing. Not only is she able to better care for her patients and her own family; Aislinn can now focus on her pursuing her education and earning her doctorate in nursing.

Working inside of patient’s homes gives Aislinn a lot of autonomy, but that doesn’t mean they’re not supported by their team. “You can go a week without setting foot in the office, but you’re still in a supportive environment. My clinical manager is always available to communicate,” says Aislinn. It’s this flow of communication that allows Home Health Nurses at Memorial to go above and beyond. By facilitating interdisciplinary communication, we’re able to use a holistic approach to improve a patient’s recovery.


Custom Tailored Nursing

Many nurses find working in Home Health takes some adjustment, especially if they’ve transitioned from an acute care clinical setting. As a home health nurse, you must be on top of your game, be able to think on your feet, and really understand the art of nursing. “The idea of going into home health was a little nerve-wracking at first. You have a lot of resources and support in the hospital.” Aislinn continued, “Home Health requires a nurse to shift in their thinking. It’s more about teaching patients to manage their health or illness at home, independently. You really want to empower patients to do it for themselves.”

While many nurses may find that adjustment challenging at first, the genuine gratitude they receive from their patients is just as rewarding. “Working in Home Health was one of my favorite jobs because you’re in the patient’s environment. Plus, I rarely came across a patient who didn’t appreciate or express their gratitude for every single visit,” says Dawn. “You’re working to help them be as healthy as they can be in the environment they want to be in.” Aislinn added, “Seeing patients succeed and watching them take ownership of their health is special. It’s something you can’t see in other settings. Recently, I took care of a woman in her 90s, who was very close to her family. They wanted to care for her, so I had to teach them how to administer an IV, remove a catheter, etc. It was wonderful seeing them come together and care for her so she could remain in a setting where she was comfortable.”


Our Culture. Your Career.

The love of a hands-on approach to in-home patient care isn’t the only thing that attracted Dawn and Aislinn to Memorial. Our culture played a significant role in their decision as well. “I was surprised by Memorial’s culture and ongoing commitment to training. As a leader, you know that when you take care of your employees, they will take care of your patients.” Dawn continues, “Also, the visibility and the human factor associated with our Executive Leadership. They’ve always been visionary, they’ve always done well by the organization, but their egos don’t reflect it. They’re just genuine.”

Another aspect of our culture that Aislinn found attractive was Memorial’s commitment to the community: “I believe in the not-for-profit healthcare model. So it was nice to find an organization like that in a place dominated by for-profit healthcare systems. They fill the niche of being a part of the community they serve.”

Finally, Dawn has some excellent advice for any nurse looking to join the Memorial Home Health team. She says, “Not only seek us out because of the excellent organization we are but bring your own ideas too. That’s what helps us become even better. We can always learn from energetic, motivated people.”

Learn more about #teamMHSflrodia and become a part of our fantastic Home Health Nursing Team.


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Educating Patients

Making the Environment Work for You

Since 2002, Nafee Khan has called Memorial Healthcare System home. Starting in Acute Care Inpatient Rehabilitation, Nafee is now a Home Health PT with a doctorate in Physical Therapy. For the past eight years, Nafee has visited countless patients in their home, helping them recover and rehabilitate themselves from illness and injury. “Home Health is very unique versus other settings I’ve worked in. It’s not only about educating patients and teaching them about Physical Therapy. It’s about teaching them how to utilize whatever they have in the home to assist in their recovery,” says Nafee. “Without traditional rehab equipment, it’s by far the hardest and yet the most rewarding setting to work in.”

Working with patients in their home means you will find yourself in a variety of environments with each offering their own unique sets of challenges and approaches to rehabilitation. “You can go from a million-dollar estate with ample room to a mobile home that you can barely walk through. Yet, you still need to provide the same level of PT for both patients. That’s where the challenge lies,” says Nafee. “But you’re not alone,” she continues “We work very closely with the occupational and speech therapy teams as well as the nursing team and the home health aides. We’re in constant communication with one another discussing what the patient needs and how to meet that need. Together, we have great outcomes working together.”

The support Memorial offers go beyond the collaborative culture we’ve cultivated over the years. As an organization, we want you to excel in both your career and in your personal life. One way in which we do that is through tuition reimbursement. By assisting you in going back to school to gain more knowledge and skills, we’re helping build a more capable team. “Memorial’s tuition reimbursement allowed me to go back to school and pay for my Doctorate degree. A typical Home Health agency will not give you the funding to do that,” exclaims Nafee.

Learn more about #teamMHSflorida’s Home Health Physical Therapy and what career opportunities await you.


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Healing in the Home

Home Health: Taking Recovery to the People

As treatments have improved over the past few years, the need for Home Health practitioners has increased. Patients are now being discharged sooner than ever before, and they need passionate, dedicated, and determined healthcare professionals to help them on their journey to recovery.

Take our Home Health Nurses, for instance. Their job is to travel to a patients’ home to care for patients while educating them on how to better care for themselves. This can be challenging as no two patients’ living situations are the same, but the quality of care they receive needs to be. It takes someone who isn’t afraid to think outside the box to do this job, but the reward of watching your patients take their health into their own hands makes it all worthwhile. And while it may seem these incredible clinicians are alone, they are not. They enjoy the full support of their Home Health teammates – the administrative staff, therapists, aides – and the entire Memorial Healthcare System.

Meanwhile, our Home Health Physical Therapists face similar challenges and rewards. Here they have to teach their patients how to utilize their environment to facilitate recovery and rehabilitation. Home Health Rehab can be challenging as patients and therapists lack the standard equipment one might find in a clinical setting, so they must make due with what they can find in a patient’s home. In this job, thinking on your feet is critical in helping your patient get back to their full potential.

At Memorial Healthcare System, our Home Health team is committed to improving patient outcomes by helping them recover in the environment they feel most comfortable…their home. Discover how #teamMHSflorida can help you take your career to a whole new level by visiting our career page today.

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Exceptional Nurses. Extraordinary Care.

At the heart of Oncology are teamwork and passion.

Ana Rosa Espinosa, Administrative Director of the Oncology Clinical Services at Memorial Cancer Institute (MCI), and Nicolette Christie, Nurse Manager for Inpatient/Outpatient Oncology, have spent a combined total of 17 years with Memorial Healthcare System. Ana and Nicolette know first hand how Memorial’s culture has shaped everything from patient interactions to how they work together as a team.

Memorial prides itself on the culture it’s built, especially when it comes to nursing. “The nursing culture here involves coordinated teamwork,” says Ana Rosa Espinosa. “The team really works together and help each other out. Nicolette added, “It’s unbelievable. They get so involved and into their work with our patients.”

Oncology is a fast-paced and challenging speciality that requires vigilance. Patients are often very ill and are administered medications that can cause severe side effects and allergic reactions. This means Oncology nurses must remain on guard. Ana Rosa Espinosa says, “To work in Oncology, you have to have a passion for this. It’s really hard work. When you are giving patients an infusion of Chemo, you’re doing it all day long. You have to be aware of the side effect because, in one second, a reaction could happen.” Nicolette added, “The patient could say they see a little flicker in their eye and you have to pick up on that because that could be the start of something.”

Putting patients and nurses first.

One way MCI attracts the best nursing talent in the industry is by prioritizing their professional needs. We offer cross-training opportunities for our nurses, OCN certification reimbursement, and pay raises of 5% for every rung of the clinical ladder our nurses climb. “More than 50% of our RNs take part in the clinical ladder,” says Nicollete. “We also have a program called Tea for the Soul where our Psychologists provide counseling sessions to our team members, to help staff cope with the loss of a patient, ” says Nicolette.

In return, our nurses give our patients the compassion and world-class care that Memorial Healthcare System is known for. The Memorial Cancer Institute caters to the needs of our patients and their families by offering a variety of services including genetic counseling and testing, massage therapy, blood/iron transfusions, survivorship plans and more. Ana Rosa Espinosa explains, “We’re providing a unique service. We even offer a fast track for patients who need a quick injection, so they don’t have to wait for hours while other patients may be receiving an all-day infusion.”

To keep our nurses practicing at the top of their license, we provide the emotional and professional support they need to be at their very best. Learn more about #teamMHSflrodia and discover how you can be a part of our incredible Oncology Nursing team.

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Stronger Against Cancer.

Memorial Cancer Institute: Supporting Patients Every Step of the Way

As one of the largest cancer centers in the state of Florida, Memorial Cancer Institute treats more than 4,300 new cancer patients every year, providing them with innovative technology and a team of more than 300 medical and support professionals who are dedicated to offering world-class cancer care.

In our Oncology Nursing Unit, our nurses work closely with one another to ensure our patients receive the best care possible. Patient statuses can change quickly in Oncology, so nurses must remain observant and ready to jump into action if the need arises. The Memorial Cancer Institute also caters to the needs of our patients and their families by providing a host of services such as massage therapy, support groups, genetic counseling and testing, survivorship plans and more.

Meanwhile, in Oncology Pharmacy, we ensure our patient’s safety by keeping our patient to pharmacist ratio at or above the national standard. This ensures our patients receive the attention they deserve, and our pharmacists’ workload remains manageable. Additionally, we’re investing in new technologies and methodologies that help keep our pharmacist and technicians safe — allowing us to meet USP 800 compliance.

At Memorial Cancer Institute we truly are committed to being Stronger Against Cancer, and supporting our patients and our employees every step of the way. Discover how working with #teamMHSflorida can elevate your career by visiting our career page now.


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Growing Our Pharmacy Team. Growing Your Career.

Meet the Director of Clinical Pharmacy for Oncology Services

On March 7th, Khang H. Pham, PharmD. joined the team at the Memorial Cancer Institute as the Director of Clinical Pharmacy for Oncology Services. “I was the pharmacy director at a hospital in Beaufort, South Carolina, where I oversaw both inpatient pharmacy and outpatient oncology pharmacy services. When this job came along I saw it as an opportunity for me to specialize more, plus the future growth plans of MCI and my professional development were a great opportunity as well,” says Pham. He continues, “I report to two bosses, one of them is a pharmacist. Pharmacy is very unique in that way. It is nice to have a direct boss that knows the pharmacy language.” For Pham, having a pharmacist boss means having the support he needs to be at his very best. They understand the job, the challenges and how best to overcome them.

A major player in the field of Oncology

One of the things that set us apart from other oncology pharmacies in the region is the technology and training we use. “We have Epic, the best EHR out there. It’s very transparent and makes finding information to do clinical work very easy. Plus our Alaris infusion pumps integrate with Epic, making compliance and safety stronger,” explained Pham. “We utilize DoseEdge IV Workflow, so our pharmacists do not have to go in and out of the cleanroom constantly; they can view their technician’s work over the camera.” The medications used in oncology can be toxic, so the safety of our staff is always a priority. To prevent the escape of hazardous drugs into the work environment, the Memorial Cancer Institute fully implemented Closed System Transfer Device system (CSTD). “We have set a goal to be USP 800 compliant by December,” Pham added.

At the Memorial Cancer Institute, our top-notch pharmacist and technicians treat over 4,300 patients every year. To keep up with the demand, our well-trained cleanroom technicians work closely with the pharmacist to ensure patients receive the proper dosage of medication. Pham says, “Our pharmacist to patient ratio is at the national standard, and our technician to staff pharmacist ratio is approaching 1 to 1. This is good because 100% of technicians are qualified to mix chemo, giving our pharmacist more time to focus on their clinical work.” Building a bigger team like this takes a positive attitude and willingness to learn. So, if you’re open to it, we can train you to be at your best.

Learn more about #teamMHSflorida’s Oncology Pharmacy and take advantage of our Pharmacy career opportunities.



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A Special Nurses’ Week Message from Margaret “Maggie” Hansen, Senior Vice President & Chief Nurse Executive

I love the quote “Save one life you’re a hero, save a hundred lives, you’re a nurse”.  It is so very true.  Perhaps, though, during Nurses’ Week this year, we should pause and reflect on the millions of lives we touch while practicing our profession. Nurses impact many lives even though doing it well is more challenging than ever before. Patients are sicker, complex technology has permeated every aspect of the diagnostic and treatment processes, and regulations consume valuable time that could otherwise be spent on reducing the suffering of those entrusted in the nurse’s care.

That’s okay, Nurses evolve, adapt, and develop the strength and resilience to overcome whatever challenges come with these rapidly changing times. They manifest the power and tenacity to solve the multitude of problems they face each and every day to protect their patients and families. As such, patients heal, they become more educated, and their suffering is reduced.

It is no wonder that when I round in our patient care environments, I witness tremendously appreciative patients and families eager to share their sentiments about their nurses. It is my privilege to witness this fabulous care through the lens of our patients and families and share just some of those comments with you here:

(Mother of an adult patient) “Our lives were forever changed by this accident, but more so by the compassion demonstrated by the nurses who cared for us.  We are stronger than we knew we could ever be because the nurses helped us find our inner strengths.” 

(Father of an adult patient)  “Every single nurse allowed us to be annoyingly inquisitive.  We are amazed that they did not get tired of us asking why our son became so sick and could, instead, seemingly want to join us on our quest to find all the answers.  We must have been irritating but they never showed us that it bothered them.  We are so thankful.”

(Adult patient)  “It’s very true that nurses are angels without wings.  I got to experience that from my bed.  Every single time that I thought I was going to die, I looked up and there was a nurse there making sure that I didn’t.  They are angels without wings.”

(Mother of a pediatric patient) “A child is the most precious gift a parent can have.  When mine became so sick and I realized I could lose her, the nurses held me together day after day. Thank God for this hospital and the nurses who work here.”

(Patient)  “I had tubes coming out of everywhere and was connected to so much equipment that must have been hard to keep track of.  Not only did the nurses understand all that stuff, but they kept track of my pain and my emotional state, that by the way, was a wreck.  They were the stable force that helped me get through this nightmare.”

(Mother of an adult patient) “Nurse Jo Jo really took care of my son’s spirit.  She basically told him that there was going to be no whining on a day when whining would not have helped him get better.  She balanced that with praise and encouragement exactly when he needed it to take the next step forward.  Nurses are the ones that make that happen.  Although this experience has been so frightening for us, we appreciate learning that about your staff.  We appreciate knowing how the mind, the body, and the human spirit are connected.”

Our mission at Memorial is to “heal the body, mind and spirit of those we touch.” I think you can see from the examples shared above that Memorial Nurses live by this mission.  I am grateful to have the opportunity to share my professional nursing career with the best nurses on the face of this earth, Memorial Nurses!

Thank you Memorial Nurses!  Please take time this week to stop and reflect on the millions of lives you touch and know that you have arrived at the destination for your professional practice! Enjoy the week dedicated to YOU!

Click here to explore nursing career
opportunities with Memorial Healthcare

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Regaining Strength. Regaining Normalcy.

Engineers of the body.

Deborah Lessard is the Director of Rehabilitation at Memorial Hospital West. She has worked for Memorial Healthcare System for over 34 years, so she understands exactly what it takes to succeed here.

“In Rehab, we’re like engineers for the body. We have to know how it works,” begins Lessard. “We see patients who have undergone surgery, had an illness or an accident that has impaired them from doing the things they want to do. Once they become a Rehab patient at Memorial, we get to support them as they recover and regain their life.” Memorial’s multidisciplinary team of doctors, nurses, specialists, and allied health professionals are committed to working together to give our patients what they need to live their best life.

One way Memorial facilitates wellness is by having access to state-of-the-art therapeutic tools and equipment that help ease patients into recovery. “Throughout our health system, we have the opportunity to work with the newest and most exciting technology,” says Lessard. Strength-training tools such as the Eccentron, the Vector, the Bioness L300 and H200, the ReWalk and the C Mill Virtual Reality Treadmill are vital in helping patients learn to walk again, while a full-size heated salt water therapy pool helps with both strength and mobility.

While cutting-edge tools and equipment are beneficial, it’s the Rehab Therapists that make a real difference in the lives of Memorial’s patients. “We are always looking for good therapists who are passionate about what they do,” says Lessard. “I look for people who are passionate, have good communication skills and good problem-solving skills. We want them here.” At Memorial, we’re always looking for the best and the brightest people who are willing to work together to ensure better patient outcomes. People who aren’t afraid to bring their knowledge, voice and ideas to the table.

Learn more about #teamMHSflorida and how you can take advantage of our per diem opportunities when you search for Rehabilitation careers now.

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Multiple Patients. One Nurse.

Delivering joy for high-risk patients.

With over 36 years of combined experience, Gessy Targete-Johnson and Hortense Martin understand the dedication, passion, and diligence it takes to provide care for high-risk mothers and their babies.

“For Obstetrics, expectations for new nurses are high,” says Targete-Johnson, Director of Nursing at Memorial Hospital Miramar. “We expect nurses to be competent, compassionate and respect the leadership and patients involved with the unit.” added Martin, Nurse Manager of the High-Risk Antepartum Unit .“We want to hear what you have to say because you’re the one working closely with the patients. We want you to feel like you’re part of the team because you and your input is valued and wanted.”

The challenge for nurses in the field of high-risk OB is caring for two or more patients at once, but technology helps in this endeavor. As Targete-Johnson explains, “Fetal monitors are the number one instrument for Antepartum patients because you have one patient you can see and the other is in utero. So monitors such as the new FM40s help nurses and doctors observe  the baby’s health and gestation.” Martin added, “New ultrasound machines also allow us to see more than the patients basic anatomy.” Still, nurses can’t just rely on technology. They must stay diligent and detailed-oriented. Even minor changes in blood pressure can have dire consequences for soon-to-be mothers and their babies.

A happy staff means happy patients.

Memorial’s culture revolves around patient- and family- centered care, but  that doesn’t mean the needs of the staff are left to the wayside. As Jane McCarthy, Director of Nursing for High Risk Obstetrics at Memorial Regional Hospital puts it, “The culture of caring is the core basis for all we do at Memorial Healthcare System. It is a balance on taking care of patients, their families and each other. In other health systems, you take care of the patients and then you take care of the staff. Here we believe in taking care of the staff and in turn they will take care of the patients and their families, and as a result everyone benefits. Our team works diligently to ensure high quality care while caring for the family unit as a whole.”

Other ways Memorial keeps our standards high and our OB nurses working at maximum efficiency are by giving them a workload they can handle. This gives high-risk mothers, and their babies, the attention and care they need. McCarthy says, “We follow the AWHONN standards for nurse to patient ratios”.  Whether it’s having access to the best technology around or utilizing the industry’s best practices, Memorial is dedicated to giving its nurses the tools they need to succeed.

The future of L&D and High Risk Obstetrics at Memorial.

Memorial Hospital Miramar’s new six-bed antepartum unit is home to nurses who are  tasked with caring for high-risk mothers. These soon-to-be mothers who are at risk of complications arising from early delivery, high blood pressure, diabetes and more require the skills and knowledge of seasoned OB nurses. Targete-Johnson explains, “We’re seeing sicker as well as older moms in the population. As they get older, these types of units are needed more and more.”

It’s Targete-Johnson and Martin’s hope to ultimately expand the unit beyond the initial six beds to meet the rising demand of the population. To do that, they need like-minded nurses who are just as dedicated to caring for these vulnerable patients. It’s this focus on patient care that will drive the success of the unit into the future and beyond.

Learn more about #teamMHSflorida and how you can become a part of our new antepartum unit.


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Growing every day.

The world of healthcare keeps changing and Memorial is helping lead the charge. We understand the only way to keep up with the growing demands of the population is to grow right alongside it by expanding our capabilities, investing in new technologies and rethinking the way we approach patient needs. This evolution is critical to our continued success.

Our new Antepartum Unit is an excellent example of how Memorial is meeting the needs of an ever-changing population. This six-bed unit at Memorial Hospital Miramar is another step in creating a top-notch facility where high-risk mothers can receive the care they deserve. The average age of our new mother population is increasing, so units such as these are becoming more of a necessity.

Within Rehabilitation, we’ve invested in new and novel technologies that are helping patients in recovery regain their mobility faster than ever before. We’ve also created an environment that encourages and rewards professional growth and self-development.

Memorial is growing every day, and so can your career. Find out how working with #teamMHSflorida can help you  meet your goals. Conduct your job search now.