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Aurelio M. Fernandez III

The Importance of Learning and Growth

Memorial Healthcare System embraces a service vision grounded in “Deeper Caring. Smarter Healthcare.” Today, I’d like to focus on the “Smarter Healthcare” that we promise to our patients and their families.

“Smarter Healthcare” means safety, quality, efficiency and technology. It also means having a team that can execute on all of those factors, while building their own skills and knowledge. Career growth is a big part of The Memorial Experience and should be expected of everyone who joins our organization, regardless of your position or professional background.

In this edition of our e-newsletter, education and learning take center stage. You will read how Memorial nurses are encouraged to practice at the top of the license, and how PTs have opportunities to grow their knowledge and expand their horizons by floating throughout the system, participating on committees and more.

Our commitment to “Smarter Healthcare” might manifest differently depending on who you are and where you work within our system. However, you can be certain that we take your learning and growth seriously.

I invite you to find out how you can take your career to the next level here at Memorial, one of the nation’s leading and largest not-for-profit health systems.

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Aurelio at his desk

Focusing on population health

Caring for the people of South Florida begins with a focus on population health, which is a medical approach that addresses common conditions and lifestyle factors among a specific community, in order to best prevent and treat prevalent disease states.

Knowing what services that local residents need most informs our investments in healthcare Centers of Excellence – like the Memorial Cardiac and Vascular Institute, for example. It’s here that we provide a TotalHEART Care Program known for high-quality services and excellent outcomes.

A key component of TotalHEART Care is treating acquired heart disease in adults suffering from cardiac conditions exacerbated by age, lifestyle habits and genetics. The fact that our population requires these types of services is not unusual in a diverse community anywhere in America today.

We also do very delicate work in pediatric cardiovascular medicine, caring for children of all ages who have congenital heart abnormalities. The Memorial team can even perform heart surgery while a child is still in the womb. The sophistication and magnitude of our services never ceases to amaze me!

The people who follow this career path – Nurses, Surgical Technologists, and Echocardiography Technologists – are uniquely skilled and highly valued. If you have experience in and passion for cardiac care, I encourage you to read on and see how you can join us.